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Stuff The Turkey: 7 Things We’re Into This Week

Named after the glorious, if negligibly inaccurate Miley Cyrus song, The Sympathizer HQ delivers to your computer and phone screens (or iPad–if you’re that guy) a spanking new column. A weekly round-up, “7 Things” presents you with 7 things we’ve been into this week–songs, records, books, podcasts, both old and new. You’ll never be left not knowing what to do with your weekend again.


Thing 1: Alien Sex Fiend’s “Stuff The Turkey”

“It only comes/ But once a year/ Stop drinking coffee/And have a beer.” Here indeed it is, the long, greasy, cranberry-glazed bender. Thanksgiving. Or as my pal Luke Danes likes to say, “the day the Native Americans got their land stolen for smallpox infested blankets.” And, well, what more fitting and “boo-boo-bootiful” to listen to this very day than Alien Sex Fiend’s “Stuff The Turkey”? That’s right. Nothing. Nothing– Gauraa Shekhar

Thing 2: Placebo’s MTV unplugged performance of “Bosco”

My fondest Placebo memory is being afraid to tell Gauraa I liked Placebo. Turns out she is actually a Placebo fangirl as well! Who woulda thunk it? I can almost hear her now in my ear, “Write about the Kate Bush cover. So good.” So I will mention that Placebo’s rendition of “Running Up That Hill” is truly spectacular. And if you haven’t heard it, I am sorry. But I really came here to plug what I think is the most magical of all Placebo moments: their MTV unplugged performance of “Bosco.” LISTEN AND WEEP PLEASE. – Krista Caproni

Thing 3: Khalid

Thanksgiving can be beautiful, but it can also be really hard. I get it. It can be complicated. Khalid is one of my new favorite SoundCloud artists, and his take on millennial love is pretty rad. Take a moment for yourself in the chaos, have a listen, and breathe. You made it. Be grateful. – Siya Bahal

Thing 4: Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions

This week, I’m thinking about how much I love Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, and their new album Until The Hunter. “Let Me Get There,” a duet with Kurt Vile, is just awesome. I’ve also been thinking, “Why is this band not bigger?”and alternately realizing I really never want them to get *too big.* – Steve J

Thing 5: Noah Cyrus’s Make Me (Cry) ft. Labrinth

 Noah Cyrus did THAT. “Make Me (Cry)” showed us that Miley isn’t the only powerhouse in the family. Her debut single has a resonating beat with strong, heart-rending vocals. With a seemingly Lana inspired voice style, a pinch of gumdrop tempos from Melanie Martinez, and Noah’s own personal touch, this single is a good first impression.  Cevenly

Thing 6: Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”

In the spirit of the only semi-decent thing about Thanksgiving, I give to you the triumphant classic that is “Alice’s Restaurant.” You’re going to want to get comfortable before listening, as the song is over 20 minutes long. A true holiday classic, you’ll be able to picture the story it portrays. Hopefully you listen all the way through and are moved by the powerfully dark moments it’s sharing with you.  Cevenly

Thing 7: Gilmore Girls Revival: A Year In the Life

Ok, ok, it’s not yet out yet. Granted. But that doesn’t mean I cannot keep refreshing my Netflix page and watching this over and over again. – Gauraa Shekhar

November 25, 2016

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