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John Zacherle, Denzel Curry, and the Joys of Working for Onself: 7 Things We’re Into This Week

Named after the glorious, if negligibly inaccurate Miley Cyrus song, The Sympathizer HQ delivers to your computer and phone screens (or iPad–if you’re that guy) a spanking new column. A weekly round-up, “7 Things” presents you with 7 things we’ve been into this week–songs, records, books, podcasts, both old and new. You’ll never be left not knowing what to do with your weekend again.


Thing 1: John Zacherle’s  Monster Mash


John Zacherle was a man who took Halloween very, very seriously. His 1962 album, Monster Mash opens with a cover of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash,” and then carries the hokey, 50s dance party joke for an entire LP. “Let’s Twist Again” is reimagined as “Let’s Twist Again (Mummy Time Is Here),” for example. “The Watusi” is “The Weird Watusi.” Zacherle was a man who lived and breathed a lesser holiday, making appearances as his “Cool Ghoul” character up til last year. He passed only yesterday, having lived almost to 100. I hope he’s hosting a lit bachelor pad party in the sky, this coming Monday. – Brook Pridemore

Thing 2: Denzel Curry’s Imperial

imperial I was once told a video of 4 Pomeranians lip syncing Denzel Curry’s “Ultimate” with bread on their heads was “so me.” I soon realized that Denzel Curry himself is actually “so me.” Not only do we both take astrology seriously to an irrational degree, but we are both 21 year old Aquarians with a passion for masturbation. As soon as I heard him say his favorite thing to do on a day off is “jack off,” I knew he was the one. I decided to finally listen to his music. No ragrets there baby. Denzel dropped the deluxe version of his album Imperial on Spotify two weeks ago and “Me Now” has been on repeat for dayzzz. And not just because it’s home to the line that speaks most to my soul of any song ever written: “I will be happy when I see the sun drown.” Check his shit ppl. Do it for me. – Krista Caproni

Thing 3: Lady Gaga’s “A-Yo”

“A-Yo” has consumed my being. I’ve had the track on repeat on car rides; playing in the background in my room. Lady Gaga’s third single off Joanne took me to a parallel dimension. And while I’m upset such feelings weren’t aligned with the “Perfect Illusion,” I guess that’s what we’re used to with Gaga.  – Cevenly

Thing 4: Norah Jones’s Day Breaks 


I think calling Norah Jones new release Day Breaks a “return to her roots,” to her amazing debut Come Away With Me sells it short. Instead, Ms. Jones incorporates many of the styles she’s explored — including that legendary first album — into an album that reflects everything she’s done to date, including becoming a mother. It’s early but I love it. – Steve J

Thing 5: Britney Spears’ Shittyfluted “Toxic”

This is my favorite thing. For the rest of the year. No other explanation needed. – Reina Shinohara

Thing 6: Charles Bukowski’s Hot Water Music


He’s intentionally explosive, sadistic. Crass. Stupidly provocative. Burns when he screams. Maddening. I knew this already the last time I promised I’d never read Bukowski again (see: Love for $17.50, South of No North). But like a weak ex-lover, I came back to the very source of my moody soundtracks, of the transformative psychodrama because…because…well, shit. – Gauraa Shekhar

Thing 7: The Joys of Working for Oneself


The joys of working for oneself…the joys of being alive…the joys of being wet…the joys of disappointment. Happy weekend, everyone. – Ariel Schl


October 28, 2016

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