Ariel, Interrupted

A Public Cervix Announcement


The image is undeniable – true, the sparse text may provide some insight, but the grotesque characteristics of the image are overwhelmingly heightened by composition and subtle attributes that allow the viewer to conclude it’s overall perversion of the image.

Dissection: A flag, as infamous as the Woman and country it represents – the British Nation, Her symbol. Here it is portrayed as a narrative of Her citizens: a public cervix announcement to those unknowing and a tribute to who were victimized – a declaration of the outward assault of her people. The imagery of the advertisement makes no case to make discreet its yonic qualities: the orifice (and subsequent stitching) down the center of the image, the flaps within the fold, etc.; nor does the advertisement spare the viewers the blunt brutality that is synonymous with these inhumane acts.

A step back: the flag is masqueraded within a low light, which one would usually associate with intimacy, here is not only ironic but creates another association to a lesser allusion – interrogation: the light trickles down the entirety of the image from a single focal point originating from the upper left corner, as if cast by a single spotlight-type source; when accompanied with the this high definition and emphasis on contrast (as to see even more definition within the stitches of the flag itself but also those hand-applied) the viewers association shifts from a connotation of sensual vulnerability to more humiliation and desecration.

Moving forward: illuminated now, the light continues on from setting casting to portray another, more subtle dimension – softly the light trips over the latent folds of the flag and incongruences of Her stripes to reveal a more analytical facet of the brutality, these malformations existence assign a measurement of which the poor craftsmanship of the center stitchings must adhere, for if their existence had been omitted it would be obvious that the craftsmen would have considered each artisan decision: placement of the stitch, depth of the puncturing, and overall appearance – here, that is not evident by presence of these small folds.

Mimicry perpetuated: the light continues on in conjunction with the folds. The folds rise and fall, as in painting the area surrounded in light are chosen intentionally for illustrative purposes – notice the high points on the flag, there is blood. Its presence is subtle; its demonstrative purpose is more obvious, however its presence is diluted – for artist of this work has an understanding for eye fixation, poignant for the eye are blood and light so the artist must reduce the blood’s opacity as he has already highlighted it’s existence by placing the blood almost solemnly in the light. The artist is careful to not distract the viewers from the gore presented by the over-excessive presence of blood.

The advertisement was the recipient of the critically acclaimed Clio awards this past review season, 2015 – obviously so, as the image is most powerful, thereby does not vitally require the text to provide context to the advertisement although is used more as a reinforcing agent to the premise, which isn’t just outwardly apparent but transgresses this piece past ad and into art.


February 16, 2016

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