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Are You As Goth as Ryan Adams?

No, I’m not referring to the Foreigner sticker on his Pax Am mixer. I might be referring to his Robert Smith hair-do and sense of emotional claustrophobia on his self-titled album from 2014. I mean, look at that hair.

Look at that hair

Look at that hair

Ryan Adams loves his goth. He’s credited Disintegration as one of his favorite albums before, and more importantly, he got Mandy Moore to dye her hair black. The other night, he pulled out this Cocteau Twins track on Twitter the other night, and though I took “Blue Light” as a precursor of goth statements to come, I was surprised:

Alright, fine, Four Calendar Cafe was definitely no Head Over Heels, but it was pretty damn good. This begs the question, was “Bluebeard” the song that influenced “Am I Safe”?

October 16, 2015

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