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Baroness Premiere Music Video for “Try to Disappear”

“Try to Disappear” comes off of Baroness’ late 2015 release of Purple. After a 2012 bus crash left multiple band members injured, Baroness took a well-deserved break from writing new music. Purple, three years later, became the symbol of their music’s endurance and their own dedication to their art; masterful, intense, and full of unique new sounds, the album was nothing short of a triumphant return for the band.

The song is melodic and heartfelt, and lyrical: filled with gems like “Across the coastal banks she runs and gallops towards the sea / But I cannot outrun the beast that bears my sanity,” it sounds like something right out of an epic poem. Check out the video for “Try to Disappear” above. If you’re like me, it’ll make you really want to see Baroness live, because they actually are that good.

September 1, 2016

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