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Smelly Feet, Small Bladders and Champagne Taste: Charly Bliss Answer Our Tour Questionnaire

charlyblisspressMeet New York-based “bubble-grunge” quartet Charly Bliss! Just two short years ago, they came onto the scene with the Soft Serve Trilogy, providing instant, sugary relief from the over-saturation of garagesurfpunkindiefuzzBrooklyn. An organic mishmash of everything that’s ever worked (from The Breeders to Throwing Muses), Charly Bliss deliver candied hooks with an anisic sweetness. Without taking the edge off.

This is shaping up to be Charly Bliss’s year; as it turns out, the Audiotree session was only the beginning of Charly Bliss’s 2016 World Domination Extravaganza™. Earlier this spring the band graced stages across the US, opening for Tokyo Police Club alongside indie pals From Indian Lakes. Two weeks back, they finally broke their two-year dry spell to release a brilliant music video for their newly released single, “Ruby.” On top of that, they’re currently on a North American tour with PUP and Rozwell Kid.

We, at The Sympathizer HQ, being massive Charly Bliss enthusiasts, have adapted the hallowed Proust Questionnaire to quiz the group about life on the road. Below, we probe Eva, Spencer, Sam and Dan with a set of questions we have, um, remodeled from a 19th century parlor game to give you an insight into the endlessly fascinating world of Charly Bliss:

charly bliss

What is your idea of a perfect performance?
One where everyone dances!

What is a lyric you wish you’d have written? (Besides one that rhymes rocket ship with nacho chip, that is)
“Everybody bought our seventh album / It had outsold Kelly Clarkson” – Year 3000, The Jonas Brothers

If you were to die and come back as a piece of studio equipment, what would you think it would be?
Contortion pedal.

Of all the places you’ve recently visited, where would you like to live?
La jolla!!!! We stayed with the best family and they have pet tortoises!

What is your greatest extravagance on tour?
Private green room bathroom / hotel.

Do you ever fall victim to tension-fraught circumstances when opening for bands?
Only when the other band is doing extended blues jams when we’re supposed to be sound checking 😉 😉

What do you most value in a bandmate?
Good taste in snacks and ability to quote the movie Grind.

What is your most treasured possession when you’re on tour?
Clean socks and the coveted cb van library.

Which band do you wish people would compare you to instead of Paramore(!) and Blondie?
Sheryl Crow meets Counting Crows.

Have you ever had a fangirl moment with any of the bands you’ve toured with?
Veruca Salt / Sleater Kinney.

What is it that you most dislike about touring?
Only getting to see the cities where we play for one day / having to eat rest stop Roy Rogers.

What is your greatest fear on stage?

If you could have one artist/band cover your songs, who would they be?

What are your go-to records whilst traveling?
Built to Spill’s Keep It Like A Secret, Grandaddy’s Sumday, Eternal Summers’ Correct Behavior and Grimes’ Art Angels.

What is your favorite memory of tour thus far?
Playing hotel room hide and go seek with Eternal Summers after our show in Chicago! Eva won.

If you could steal someone’s on-stage persona, whose would it be?
Katy Perry’s left shark.

What is your go-to motto when you’re on-the-go?
Our mottos: “Calm down, bubbie” or “Relax my dog” or “Relax, my dog.”

For what fault have you most “toleration” on tour?
Smelly feet, small bladders, champagne taste.

Lastly, is there any song/record that you’ve been listening to lately that you’d like to share with our readers?
Crushed Out and Retreat From The Sun by That Dog.


You can stream Charly Bliss on Bandcamp and follow them on Twitter here. See if they’re touring your city here.

June 1, 2016

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