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Cuffing Season Sin Cuddles: 7 Songs To Melt The Pain Away

c/o fsmedia

c/o fsmedia

*It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year plays in background* Ahh, yes, indeed. It is the most wonderful time of the year. The time, if you’re lucky, you find yourself wrapped up in a nice-smelling and warm feeling person’s arms, escaping the rain/snow/general depressing outside this season brings with cuddles, Postmates, and copious amounts of heteronormative, cheesy big-budget studio films. If you are not so lucky, however, you will most likely be doing the same things–alone.

Regardless, It’s Cuffing Season – Truly one of the most wonderful times of the year in my eyes. And today of all day’s is a SNOW DAY, meaning New Yorkers like myself are huddled in our apartments over space heaters. There has never been a better day to cuff!

And, since it’s a new year, I hope I have supplied you some of my favorites and introduce you to some up-and-coming names I think will really, really make it in 2017.

Johnny Stimson, “So Good”

One of my favorite cuffing tracks has to be ‘So.Good’. I’m hoping said cuffing buddy makes ya feel “oh so good all the time” as Stimson reminds us. His repetitive piano key background beat will have you cuffers bopping your head in perfect time together, which is necessary harmony to create the perfect afternoon or evening of cuddling.

Jhene Aiko ft. Childish Gambino, “Bed Peace”

“Bed Peace” by Jhene Aiko is a classic, particularly when it comes to cuffing. It’s literally about being peaceful in bed — how much better could it get? “It’s the best remedy for the pain and the stress,” says Childish Gambino. And he’s totally right. Put on this slow, laid-back track, get into bed, and let the pain melt away. Actually – human touch is scientifically proven to lower anxiety and stress levels–so let all your troubles fade with this shit in the background.

Alina Baraz & Galimatias, “Fantasy”

“Take you to a place where there’s no time and space” is one of my favorite lines in this track. Just like the last one, this is about getting rid of stress and tension and going to a place of fantasy…aka basically what really good cuddling should be.

Sofi de la Torre, “Give Up At 2”

Sofi de la Torre’s track is one of the most out their pieces on this playlist – but it’s one of those songs that just works. It’s kind of a depressing track in all honesty –  “count to ten and gave up at 2” being the main lyric in the song – but it’s got a base beat I like, and goes in and out of simple buffered vocals and heavily produced moments giving it a push and pull that’s interesting.

Russ, “Fallin Too”

“If you fall, I’m falling too” will undoubtedly be stuck in your head after this track. Russ is the perfect interlude to keep you curled up for hours.

Khalid, “Reasons”

Khalid is one of those artists so on the come-up right now, so he’s definitely someone to have on your radar. As one of my favorite singers talking about millennial love right now, he is bringing a new wave of R & B to thousands of fans. While this track is still something you could kind of get down to, it’s on the slower side and waves in and out of smooth lyrics – Khalid talks about that messy shit — inconsistency, trying to figure out if someone’s into you — and it’s a nice reality check about what loving today can be like.

GoldLink, “See I Miss Pt. 2”

GoldLink is a little crude in this cuffing track, starting off the song with, “Who would even know that I would even miss that bitch,”. As a rising artist, GoldLink’s style checks boxes in every genre, making it perfect no matter what kind of music you’re cuffing buddy is into. It’s a slow but lively and smooth piece, cut with verses of rap and a heavy female voice.

Stay safe kids. Consensual cuffing only.

February 13, 2017

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