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look how cute the DKs were in 1981; lastfm

look how cute the DKs were in 1981; lastfm

There are certain things you don’t think about, like how The Ramones got their name from Paul McCartney’s hotel alias. Or how Elliott Smith’s black leather armband was a direct result of an All that Jazz midnight viewing. Or that the Dead Kennedys were actually clean-cut, college-educated supermusicians with superreal political agendas. Yes, a man who referred to himself as “Jello” ran for a very serious presidency (ask Tipper Gore). Ryan Adams is cognizant of this, which is why he tweeted about spending his chill Saturday with the band’s 1991 hardcore reading-vibes punk E.P In God We Trust, Inc.

Ryan Adams doesn’t go for the obvious here. He doesn’t enlist Dead Kennedy’s big anthemic 7″s like Kill The Poor and/or Too Drunk To Fuck. No, he is far more sophisticated than your average Holiday In Cambodia self-proclaimed punk aficionado. He understands the importance of D.H. Peligro’s propulsive drumming on the record. The importance of tiny, hot studios–the first Subterranean session going all wrong. The importance of ill-fated master tapes.

And maybe, just maybe, this could mean that Pax Am is finally ready to put those 1/2″ 8-track recording machines back into business. Well, one can only hope.

Either way, Ryan Adams über alles!

Now go find a book to read and a 10 hour In God We Trust, Inc. loop.

May 11, 2016

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