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It’s That Beautiful Time of Month, Ladies! — RENT

David Koch means Money; let's pray the next round is on him

David Koch means Money; let’s pray the next round is on him

~Greetings &salutations, again my friend!
The weather is becoming crispier – clothes are becoming darker – and seasonal depression is rearing its head again as we head towards the frigid months; however there is always warmth at the bottom of the bottle, which is why I am writing to you now.

I am employed at a lovely drinking establishment that – though the tourist season here in New York pays the best during the summer – still welcomes it patrons with heart-warming 2-4-1 whiskey shots and my equally heart-warming attitude.

Here comes the point, I swear.

Unfortunately some of my coworkers are finding it hard to keep their internal temperatures as high as ( things that are high that would make a good comparison: price of milk per gallon, Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s, David Koch’s apartment at 740 Park Ave)

(sidebar: there is a really good documentary about the wealth distribution here in NYC that talks about that reference if you would like me to recommend)

ANYWAYS they are sick and my boss wants me to take an extra shift tonight – considering that rent is due less than 10 days away (yay) I should probably take this shift.
Mm – probably maybe isn’t the right word, I need to take this shift
because put in layman’s terms I am a impecunious mainlander – I am the one you see taking furniture off the street and pulling (only slight punctured) canvas from the trash.

I hope this doesn’t affect your perception of me – I hope we can still be friends. I will bring in my outside works like we discussed last week to the next class when I see you.
As always – thanks for understanding
and being a Rockstar, LLC.,


October 21, 2015

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Ariel Gauraa is excited for me to write a small biography about myself -- I imagine my professors share her level of excitement at the thought I might turn in my homework on time. As for both I think I will sip another beer and hope a security breach on the server will crash the system and give me more time to think of something funny to describe me.

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