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We’re Lying Whole: Julie Hanse’s “It’s Not”


I was going to translate the song’s first, french line but–of course–where to find the lyrics?


Do you ever play the game where you exclaim the exact opposite of how you’re feeling (THIS ARTICLE IS SO FUNNY!)? That’s Julie’s approach here: “I want you to know it’s not what you said/ It’s all in my head.”

The love can be torture, she says. If it’s not torture so is it love, I say.

Don’t we need the small little nagging on the heart to contextualize the twinkling eye mornings? It’s the saying our father’s told us: “There is not such thing as Evil without Good; no light without the dark.” You need the prospective of one to create a comprehensible microcosm for the idea to exist, for in the vacuum, nothing makes sense.


She moans for us to reach out and feel her “lucid bones”–look to the song’s corresponding art piece: a picture graph, her pale skin is glowing, pure–possibly the work of Detti’s hand: a woman so powerfully open and yet guarded, but she a nymph and those women, the duchesses.

“It’s Not” is the only song on Julie Hanse’s Official Spotify Account but that’s okay because it’s one you can play on repeat:

in a coffee shop,

on the train,

any fall day,

waking up,

descending the stairwell,

in your head when you’re thinking of them.

September 28, 2016

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