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LANY, MMA and Bootsy Collins: 7 Things We’re Into This Week

ICYMI this column was named after the glorious, if negligibly inaccurate, Miley Cyrus song. The Sympathizer HQ never forgets. Now here are 7 Things we’re into this week.

7 Things

Thing 1: Sleep, The Sciences


Maybe it’s the eleven hours of driving I’ve put in, today. Maybe it’s the twenty five days of driving I’ve just finished. Maybe it’s the tears of relief streaming down my face, that Sleep’s first album since Dopesmoker is, at worst, pretty good and, at best, the next logical evolution in their sound. The Sciences, on precisely three listens in about twelve Sleep-deprived (pun intended) hours, is the perfect follow up to a perfect album. Slight only because it’s shorter in duration than its predecessor, The Sciences is a neat mix of the mysticism of Om, the brutal riffage of High On Fire and the classic stoner metal that Dopesmoker defined. – Brook Pridemore

Thing 2: LANY, LANY


When you’re rounding up your favorite albums and songs of the year, you’re always going to leave stuff out; there’s always so much music being released that you can’t possibly keep up with everything. And sometimes you make a discovery only to have it slip. LANY’s “Super Far” was among these discoveries. A friend recommended it to me last year and as a total sucker for moody, dreamy synth-pop and emotive songwriting, I was immediately hooked. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I found myself revisiting the song and decided to check out its parent album. As soon as I did, it became apparent to me that LANY is basically The Blue Nile’s Hats for the Tumblr generation: subdued vocals affecting in its understatedness, killer melodies, and a lush, slow-burning soundscape that seeps into your subconscious without even trying. Currently my favorite cut is “13,” a mediation on love gone awry and its abiding ghost set to a sole electric guitar and an endless loop of electronic drums. Guaranteed, it won’t take long until questions like “where did we go wrong?”, “how could you change your mind?” or “who got inside your mind?” become your questions too. – Fajar Zakhri

Thing 3: The Music Modernization Act


I hate to be non pop culture trash, but I have to say, this week I am really digging the MMA. That’s right ladies and gents, the Music Modernization Act, which unfortunately shares an acronym with Mixed Martial Arts (which I don’t really endorse because it looks like it hurts a lot.). It’s an important thing that’s happening and especially significant for music creators who deserve to get paid for their work! All 415 members (also the Bay Area area code (415) ‘sup~) of the House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass the MMA which is going to update OLD ass systems of licensing and royalty payments. Fingers crossed it passes through the Senate in a flash and that lil’ trumpy signs off on this bad baby so everyone can fuck with MMA and get some money~  – Reina Shinohara

Thing 4: Club of Crows

club of crows

I have just finished watching all three seasons of Club of Crows on Netflix. This Spanish comedy delves into the world of a soccer team after their wealthy owner dies and leaves his family to pick up the pieces. If you miss Arrested Development, this can fill your feuding siblings void. A spinoff and a fourth season are on the way. – Chris Busch

Thing 5:“Worth My While,” Bootsy Coolins (feat. Kali Uchis)

For a brief moment I was torn in my selection for “thing” of the week. The first person that came to mind was yodeling Walmart boy and his new single “Famous.” But after a couple weeks of workplace drama surrounding said meme-able yodeler (my phone just auto corrected this to toddler, which also would not be incorrect)(yes I’m writing this on a phone, as the train ride on my way to brunch is simply the only free time I have, and still, a strange man on the A has managed to waste it by asking questions like “How much did you pay for that iPhone?” and “Are you married?” ) I realized I could no longer support the little exploited bastard (co-workers convinced me he had been falsely advertised as a yodeler, when in fact he is not totally yodeling by most people’s standards). Anyways, moving on to older and better things… Bootsy Collins has been a favorite for a while now, but he recently responded to a couple tweets of mine and now I feel especially connected to him. He even encouraged my imagined relationship with his friend, masked guitarist Buckethead! And every time I see a photo of Kali Uchis on my timeline I simply gasp at the LEWKS she is consistently serving. She recently released her debut album Isolation and it’s lovely! So how could I ever choose between the two?!?! Have no fear!! They have a new song out TOGETHER called “Worth My While” and it is EXCELLENT!! Please have a listen! – Krista Caproni

Thing 6: Nice For What,” Drake

You already know it’s going to be a good song when a Lauryn Hill sample is played. Drake’s smooth New Orleans jam with his signature rap makes for easy listening, and it’s fascinating to see a master at work. As the song progresses, you hear how well the sample of ‘Ex Factor’ has been utilised. The music video, which stars a full load of strong, empowered and beautiful women of color, lifts the song to a new level, making it almost anthemic. Nice for what indeed.  – Keerthana Batchu 

Thing 7: Dog Problems, The Format 


It’s not quite midnight yet and your friend is halfway through his fourth drink, drawing on yet another bullshit self-serious postmodern observation. You do that thing you do where you nod begrudgingly as every sordid detail is spread out before you—patient etherized upon a table—when really you’re just visualizing this scenario where you look him dead in the eye and say can we please take the next hour to talk about me and only talk about me? You don’t of course say any of this because that would make you repugnantly self-centered, right? This supremely underrated Format album finds you at the bottom of your plastic cup or where self-pity gets a breath of fresh air. Whichever comes first. – Gauraa Shekhar

 The Thing After Miley Loses Count But Still Miraculously Adds Up To 7: This Gif of Bacteria Spreading


an Ariel Schleicher animation

I’m ready to be a paid creative now. – Ariel Schiecher 

April 28, 2018

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