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Newlywed Records’ Jake S-M Is Here This August With 5 Mini Playlists For You

Our friends over at Newlywed Records are back this August with an artist-curated playlist! Today, Jake S-M curates a set of five mini-playlists that will challenge your taste and stylistic biases. You can check out Newlywed’s welcome post here. Listen to Jake’s selected tracks below:

by Jake S-M

Here’s a set of five mini playlists. To cover as much ground as possible, each playlist is a different mood. Included are some all-time favs and some recent obsessions. I tried to find some unexpected (but hopefully satisfying) sonic pairings. This is how I to listen to music – always trying to challenge my taste and stylistic biases.


“Eye of a Needle,” Art of Noise

“Hour,” Porches

“White Horses,” Prefab Sprout


“Harvey,” Alex G

“All Your Secrets,” Yo La Tengo

“Cold As Ice,” Atlas Sound


“Sleep Dealer,” Oneohtrix Point Never

“Consideration,” Rihanna

“House,” Kindness


“Hey,” Repeat Pattern

“Guns & Synths,” Kelela

“Tendency,” Jan Jelinek


“Gaze,” Actress

“Self Portrait,” Glenda Collins

“Bome Nnwom,” Ata Kak

Stream the complete playlist below:


A composer, songwriter, electronic musician, drummer, and teacher — Jake S-M‘s music is widely varied, much like his resumé. 2013’s chamber-pop EP Sleep Stir married simple songs with cellos, voices and synths, while his latest, for reality tv, is an entirely instrumental collection of original electronic music written for television. S-M’s concert compositions span the traditional and unconventional, having written pieces for the acclaimed Either/Or Ensemble and Contemporaneous, as well as the more unusual “Piece for 8 Microcassette Recorders” and “Counterpoint for Two Isolated Drumsets.” Originally from Utica, NY, S-M lives in NYC, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Composition at the CUNY Graduate Center.

August 6, 2016

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