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Please, Stop Asking Me To Sign Your Petition

I took this in Prague -- my mom would be proud i wasn't stoned

Kyla-killin-the-chillin (2015) : I took this in Prague — my mom would be proud i wasn’t stoned

Using the handicap bathroom stall as an able bodied person is wrong. Trying to name you band “Handicap Bathroom Stall” should be wrong. Sometimes starting a sentence with a verb that ends in “-ing” is wrong – but not now.

I think I’ve been sitting in this stall for too long – I should probably leave.


I am not proud of the way I left that stall therefore I will not disclose how I falsely limped out of that stall as mother and child stood awaiting availability.

I still don’t know why people come to the park to read, write and debate – sitting here, next to a tree and beside the perfect shady spot under the perfect tree (a perfect spot currently being occupied by a slightly less than perfect doggy dung) doesn’t make me feel any more prolific.  I shared a friendly staring contest with a squirrel; how inspiring is it to lose at your own game?

I have an excuse — my glasses were glaring; my eyes were faltering; my handicap was showing.

October 12, 2015

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Ariel Gauraa is excited for me to write a small biography about myself -- I imagine my professors share her level of excitement at the thought I might turn in my homework on time. As for both I think I will sip another beer and hope a security breach on the server will crash the system and give me more time to think of something funny to describe me.

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