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Seven Days of Bands and Booze

As any student will tell you, college is wonderful for several reasons:

  1. You get to be (semi) independent! For the first time! Which is equal parts exciting (no parents, no rules) and terrifying (having to cook all your own meals, having to be “responsible”).
  2. Higher education, learning, getting a job, all that jazz.
  3. Drinking throughout the day is not only accepted, but often encouraged.

Until I came to college, I was unaware that day drinks were a thing that happened outside of tailgates or alcoholism. As it turns out, any reason to turn up is a good enough reason. But doesn’t it get old to drink the same thing and listen to the same Spotify playlist every day? The same way people get stuck in a music rut, listening to the same bands and the same albums over and over, people get in food and drink ruts. Never fear, though: just take this seven-day menu of creative drink, music, and dish pairings, and you’ll be out of that routine in no time. Please note that the Sympathizer is not responsible for any drunken antics that may occur if you follow this menu religiously. Those are yours and yours alone.


Drink of the day: Start your week off right with Bailey’s Irish Cream, because it’s never too early in the day to get tipsy.

Band of the day: You can’t do Irish cream without the Irish! Throw on some Enya and relax before starting the day.

Pair them with: hazelnut coffee, a scone, and a comfortable armchair. (Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, bake up some of this incredible Irish cream cheese cake and prepare to eat the entire thing in one sitting. Your body will hate you, but your taste buds will love you!)


Drink of the day: Gin, chased with water to keep you hydrated and not hungover in the middle of the work week. As I always say, every day is a good day for gin. So why not Tuesday?

Band of the day: If you’re willing to get weird, check out the prolific Matt Tybor’s main project, The Bunny The Bear. Their most recent album features a new female vocalist and some of their most experimental sounds yet.

Pair them with: this amazing avocado-dill salmon.


Drink of the day: the white girls’ and stay-at-home moms’ summer favorite, frosé (frozen rosé). Pro tip: use a full-bodied and hearty wine for the tastiest possible treat.

Band of the day: The Ruby Suns, your daily dose of easy-listening pop.

Pair them with: The fullness and the fruity bouquet coupled with the aromatic notes of… okay, so I may not know anything about wine, seeing as most of mine comes out of a cardboard box. But even an amateur sommelier like myself knows that a tasty frosé deserves an equally tasty, summery feast. Give this strawberry avocado chicken salad a try.


Drink of the day: Two shots of Jose Cuervo Silver. (Although it depends on how your week is going. Maybe three or five or eight shots are in order, we don’t judge.)

Band of the day: Ill Niño. You’re almost to the end of the week but work or class is bogging you down, so you turn up your headphones, try your best to sing along in Spanish, and cook up some…

Pair them with: ….pork carnitas burritos, which are both simple and filling! Better than Chipotle, and cheaper, too.


Drink of the day: Vodka lemonade, preferably slugged from a red Solo cup at the day drink in a parking lot.

Band of the day: Anything funky will do, but Chromeo bring the rhythm and soul.

Pair them with: Drunk ramen. If you’ve got the time, patience, and sobriety to make it happen, try out this classier Thai chicken version.


Drink of the day: Beer. A lot of it. And a funnel. Enough said.

Band of the day: Anything you can party to. I’d recommend Stromae, a Belgian singer whose dance-pop hits (plus a collab with Yeezy himself) will help you take your house party to the next level.

Pair them with: You get a break from cooking tonight; beer funnels go perfectly with a 3 A.M. pizza delivery. Bonus points if you get wings too.


Drink of the day: Look, Sundays are kind of shitty, we know. It’s still the weekend, but thoughts of the coming week are clouding your mind and you’re way more stressed about it than you should be. Sundays like this call for a nice craft beer to help ease you out of your party mindset and back into the daily grind.

Band of the day: Baroness, who are basically the craft beer equivalent of sludge metal.

Pair them with: this hearty steak and potato skillet, which should put you right to sleep. Then you can wake up Monday morning, refreshed and alert, and return to real life.

September 13, 2016

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