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Still Waiting To Find “My Place” On Ryan Adams’ “Honor Role”


First X, then Cocteau Twins, and uncannily enough, Wavves, right as I was coming around to them. Only minutes after I accept Jon Fine’s recommendation from the final chapter of Your Band Sucks and listen to Honor Role’s It Bled Like a Stuck Pig for the first time, Ryan tweets a link to an Honor Role song. I have trouble recognizing our shared post-punk appreciation as anything other than kismet expressing itself on a weekly basis under 140 characters (it’s not within everybody’s capacity to prize a line like, “He thinks he lives in the age of love/ He doesn’t know the eagles fucked the dove”). After years of exchanged favorites, I think I’m finally ready to pop the question: will you, Ryan, start a collaborative Spotify playlist with me?

November 26, 2015

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