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The Attack Get Sentimental on “Sons And Daughters”

The Attack

“Time is really never on our side to make things right / I will be there when hope is all gone / Hand in hand together we move on.” You can tell right off the bat that “Sons and Daughters” isn’t your average punk anthem. Rather than sticking to the usual punk fodder–namely, rage and rebellion–Floridian punk rockers The Attack are going hard in the opposite direction. On their single, which will be featured on their album On Condition this November, the group successfully marries basic punk structure with an emotional and even touching ballad about staying close to the people you love most.

It’s not a sappy ballad meant to tug at the heartstrings, though; the song retains all the tenacity and energy of punk, even with the┬ásentimental message behind it. And the song stems from a place of real emotion: the Attack has been put through the wringer of late. Says the band, “The Attack family has suffered some serious losses: parents, grandparents, friends, and mainstays in our lives. ‘Sons and Daughters’ was written to remind ourselves of the positive impact of staying in touch with the people we love. So even if you don’t have time to listen to the song, make time to call your parents, brother, sister, or a friend. You never know how important that call may be.”

It’s an honest message, and something everyone (even non-punk fans) can take to heart. Sometimes it’s staggering how in an age of constant communication, we can’t seem to find the time to reach out to our loved ones, even though that’s the most important thing of all. “Sons and Daughters” is a stark, if melancholy, reminder of how costly that distance can be.

Check out “Sons and Daughters” over at New Noise Magazine, and if you’re into it, catch the Attack on their East Coast tour with Big Wig and Less Than Jake from October 19 to November 20.


October 5, 2016

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