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The Weeknd Enters A New Era of Abel With “False Alarm”


The Weeknd has done a few things to shock recently (chopping off those signature locks, collabing with daft punk), and the surprises don’t look like they’ll be coming to an end anytime soon. We have officially entered a new era of Abel— the year of the Starboy— and just as we seem to be getting to know this Star guy a little bit more, he goes on to shatter our image of him once again. Here to kill more than just our perception of him is The Weeknd himself in the bloody, action packed thriller no one saw coming, and many would still rather not see. The Ilya Naishuller-directed, video game-esque “False Alarm” video is an appropriate accompaniment to the polarizing song, which was a sure sonic curveball for the moody, downtempo R&B king. Equipped with an introductory disclaimer, the new vid wastes no time getting to the gore. Follow The Weeknd and frenemies carrying out a bank robbery and murder spree below, if you dare:

October 14, 2016

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