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Thee Headcoats, Elizabeth Smart and Tapers, Inc.: 7 Things We’re Into This Week

Named after the glorious, if negligibly inaccurate Miley Cyrus song, The Sympathizer HQ delivers to your computer and phone screens (or iPad–if you’re that guy) a spanking new column. A weekly round-up, “7 Things” presents you with 7 things we’ve been into this week–songs, records, books, podcasts, both old and new. You’ll never be left not knowing what to do with your weekend again.


Thing 1: Thee Headcoats’ Elementary Headcoats, 3XLP


I’m crazy. Billy Childish has only written four or five songs, and he just records them over and over and OVER. Every Headcoats record sounds exactly the same as every Mighty Caesars record, which sounds exactly the same as every Milkshakes record. I’ve had the CD version of Elementary Headcoats for well over a decade. It collects a majority of their singles, some of which are real hard to find. Their rarity, of course, hasn’t stopped me from finding most of them. One day, I sat down on the N platform at Herald Square, to open a package of Headcoats 7″s that I’d got in the mail that morning but hadn’t had a chance open, yet. Rifling through the records, I notice Chuck Klosterman, sitting next to me. I make eye contact, smile. He gets up and leaves. Nervously. I must have looked deranged. Anyway, the three LP version of Elementary Headcoats I found the other day is great, because I’m a very busy New Yorker, and I can’t be bothered to flip a 7″, song after song after song. – Brook Pridemore

Thing 2: Bob Dylan’s Tapers, Inc.


Did you catch the news flash on Bob Dylan’s latest offering? THIRTY SIX CDs of most of his (in)famous 1966 electric tour with the Hawks, (née The Band) backing him? Never mind that most of the shows had the exact same set list, this will be on many “must have” lists and have all the tastemakers abuzz. And it got me to thinking; with artists like Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and Bruce Springsteen documenting and archiving everything, and making a virtual and endless revenue stream out of old shows, should a manager’s first words to a young act no longer be “Keep your publishing,” but instead perhaps “Roll tape!”? – SteveJ/AllMusicBooks.com

Thing 3: Sports’ All of Something


This week I’m really into Sports’ All of Something. More so than the album being really great, I just noticed that my friend from high school is the boy on the cover. I even found the original photo of him on Facebook. But also the album is really great and everyone should listen to it. – Reina Shinohara

Thing 4: 50 cent’s “Little Bit”

Three weeks ago I found myself in an underground converted caves nightclub in Paris at 3 am listening to hip hop. That night, a French boy rapped the entirety of “Little Bit” by 50 Cent to me. Like, every single fucking lyric So that’s my thing for this week. Its a classic you hate to love, so give it a listen and let whatever weird surge of nostalgia overhelm you, as it may. – Siya Bahal

Thing 5: Elizabeth Smart’s By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept


I regret to inform you that I’ve been semi-ironically quoting The Smiths’ “What She Said” i.e. “I smoke ‘cause I’m hoping for an early death/ And I need to cling to something!” since I smoked my first cigarette at the forsaken age of seventeen. However, it’s vital for me to prelude this recommendation by declaring my penchant for Morrissey’s brand of melancholy. Why? By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept is supposedly Morrissey’s favorite book, you see, and it is rooted in the same pensive sadness that stems Morrisssean lyrics. Let me elucidate with some words borrowed from Elizabeth Smart: “I have learned to smoke because I need to something to hold onto. I dare not be with a cigarette in hand. If I should be looking the other way when the hour of doom is struck, how shall I avoid being turned into stone unless I can remember something to do which will lead me back to the simplicity and safety of daily living?” In this wonderfully devastating piece of prose-poetry, Smart saunters through the gloom of transient coffee shops and hotels and taverns and bars, mourning the loss of her love, for “love is strong as death.” This is not a book for everyone but if you, like me, love “What She Said,” if you feel deserted and cold or starved or paralyzed or blind, if you need some love and/or tragedy, some star-crossed romance to pull tears from your eyes, look no further. Handfuls and handfuls for you, and to spare! – Gauraa Shekhar

Thing 6: The Chainsmokers’ “All We Know” ft. Phoebe Ryan

“All We Know” is one of the most mellow additions to The Chainsmokers’ repertoire but I really like it! I mean, if you really loved “Closer” like everybody else out there, “All We Know” is literally the softer version out there. It’s easy listening and it reminds me of songs by filous, kinda chill downtronica with breathy vocals. Anyways… it’s on repeat. – Keerthana Batchu

Thing 7: Shokran’s Exodus


I’ll be honest: I hadn’t even heard of Shokran until this week, when they popped up on my Spotify playlist and changed my life forever. Okay, maybe they haven’t changed my life, but I seriously cannot believe I’ve never listened to them before. Their newest album, Exodus, is a wild ride of furious riffs, gorgeous melodies, and progressive influences, all rendered with an insane amount of technical skill. The concept of the album, along with a lot of their thematic material, traces the Plagues of Egypt and the ensuing exodus (hence the title), while the band itself based out of Moscow. Unfortunately, they don’t have any tour dates coming up, but I for one will be keeping an eye out, and I’d suggest any metalheads do the same. – Ruby Johnson

The Thing After Miley Loses Count But Still Miraculously Adds Up To 7: Skott’s “Porcelain”

lqnv9dqqtjx1y6fald5aI am obssesed with this girl named Skott this week. Her song “Porcelain” is one of my favorite of the year. – Krista Caproni


October 7, 2016

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