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Reina’s Top 10 Songs or Whatever

I already did a list of things I loved to hate this year, so now I’ll just make a list of things that I actually liked. There’s only ten things I liked this year and they were songs because anything longer than 4 minutes was disappointing (except Star Wars).

10. “Sorry” – Justin Bieber

9. “679” – Fetty Wap feat. Remy Boyz

8. “Should Have Know Better” – Sufjan Stevens

7. “No Room In Frame” – Death Cab For Cutie

6. “Before The World Was Big” – Girlpool

5. “Hotline Bling” – Drake

4. “Daffodil Days” – Oscar

3. “Watashi Igai Watashi Jyanai No” – Gesu No Kiwami Otome

2. “Flesh Without Blood” – Grimes

1. “Right Hand” – Drake

I didn’t get very creative with this list. There was a lot of great music in 2015 and I didn’t get around to listening to all of it/don’t remember listening to a lot of it. These were the ones I defaulted to and that’s ok. I just like these songs I guess. Perhaps there were more things that I liked, but as Drake says, “Oh well, my past behind me like a ponytail” and tomorrow is the start of a new year. I look forward to complaining about more things I think are terrible in 2016 with all of you.

December 29, 2015

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