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The Uncommon Common Denominator That Is X’s “Hungry Wolf”


Sometimes I feel as if the world is conspiring against me with its sheer indifference towards X. My boss expresses ambivalence towards the L.A. punk rock groupĀ  whenever I attempt to trace post influences (“The X from Denmark were so much better”). The bartender in a Bunny On Acid t-shirt at the dive down the street cringes every time I ask him to play “Some Other Time” between his Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson songs. Even my upstairs neighbor who is usually too stoned to bother starts stomping around loudly when I play Los Angeles.

It’s hard for me, as you may imagine, to recognize Ryan Adams tweeting a link to X’s “Hungry Wolf” as a mere coincidence. Kismet seems more like the appropriate choice. All I have to say is Ryan, look across the street, my friend.

October 9, 2015

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Gauraa Shekhar Gauraa is a freelance writer who divides her time between New York, Jakarta and Mumbai. She founded The Sympathizer because she was sick of having editors reprimand her for ending sentences with prepositions and charging songs guilty of being "as contagious as cholera in a sewer pipe." She is currently working on her first book.

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